Grandstream GXP1100 IP Phone Firmware

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Grandstream GXP1100 IP Phone Firmware
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גרסה: Beta מעודכן
טען תאריך: 20 Dec 15
מפתחים: Grandstream
רשיון: ללא תשלום
פופולריות: 5
גודל: 6437 Kb

Rating: 0.0/5 (Total Votes: 0)

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- Updated New Zealand time zone settings
- Updated Russian Time Zone settings
- Fixed phone does not stop the RTP after BYE and get mixed on subsequent calls


- Added support to disable the Call park subscription
- Added support of DHCP OPTION 160
- Enabled HTTP(S) ID/Pass prompt


- Once upgraded to and above, downgrading to any previous firmware version is not supported

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